Heroes Of The Vale

Arrival in Last Light

After weeks of travel you have now come to what will be the last bit of civilization before the final push over the Dawnforge Mountains and through the Harken Forest… the village of Last Light. At one time a prosperous village, Last Light has now become something of a final way point for merchants before making the last treacherous route through the wilderness to move into the northern area of the Nentir Vale.
From the road you the village’s worsened condition is obvious, with crumble walls and toppled towers attempting to protect the run-down looking buildings that sit beyond it’s walls. What guards you see arming the walls are scarce at best and with a hardiness that clearly shows these were the last ones available amongst the population capable of serving. Multiple plumes of smoke can be seen raising into the air, but not from buildings, but clearly from bonfires that have been lit outside of any sort of residence.
As you move closer to the main gates the stories of this village become more apparent, this is not a city of residents but a city of traders and merchants just passing through. Multiple horse and ox drawn wagons can be seen coming and going through the gates, and the longer you watch it becomes clear that more are going than coming.



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